Advisor Testimonials

Annuity Appointment Service Testimonials

“Hey guys, I just wanted to take a second to say how much this appointment service has accelerated my business. I am able to be in El Paso, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, all in the same day, guys. I’m in Texas, and that is a big state. For me to be able to be everywhere in one day, helping my clients out, it is really, really top-notch service. They book an appointment on your calendar. My ROI year-to-date is triple what I did last year. Give them a buzz!” – K. Law

“Hi, my name is Kelly Turner. I’ve been using them for about 2 years now. I’m so excited about the opportunity where we can virtually meet with these teachers. It’s given me the chance to meet so many other teachers than ever before. I don’t have to worry about sitting in a lunchroom. I don’t have to worry about them no-showing me. If they don’t show, I just go to the next appointment. It fills up my calendar on a weekly basis. I get with about 10 teachers a day, and I can help so many more teachers. And they need us more now than they have ever needed us. I love the opportunity that this appointment service has given us for that.” 

“My ROI is off the charts. I have invested with them, every time out of my 40 appointments I reinvest with them… just this year alone, I have written over $3.6 million in annuity sales. And last year was over $5 million, so I know that I’m going to do over six million this year. My business would be null and void if it wasn’t for them. At a time when everything went virtual, this service stepped in, gave us these leads, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to work with them. If you are thinking about working with this appointment service, I highly recommend that you do.” – K. Turner

“Hello everybody, JR Rodriguez here. I am two months short of a year in using this appointment service as a systematic, appointment-setting machine. It’s really amazing. I have ten months with it. I have purchased about 500 leads. I average about $250,000 per year… It comes with a CRM. Therefore, your ratios of no-shows are less likely to happen, and if they do happen, you can schedule. It’s really amazing, I really like it more than other vendors that I used to use and that were more expensive. The flexibility of purchasing the leads is really up to you. You can purchase as much as you want. For example, I purchased $5,000 in leads, which is a little over 100 leads. Or you can do a spend of $1,000 over 5 times. There are public employee type leads in this, or pre-set appointments, and they have different facets of marketing for you.”

“You won’t regret working with this appointment service. One thing that I do recommend is that you be consistent. You should have an organized way of doing business so that you have better performance.”

“The ratio of working with qualified leads that are given to you is amazing. Last week, I closed 4 out of 4 – had 4 meetings scheduled… When you have a pre-set appointment – 3-4 no-shows out of 10-12 appointments on a daily basis [in my experience, you close more business]. So, I have 27 appointments pre-set, and I see 17-19 people on a weekly basis. I really recommend that you get in contact with this appointment service today.” – J. Rodriguez

This page provides sample experiences of customers of the Annuity Appointment Vendor Services for agents working with, and will be continually updated with new information as needed.

Please be aware that the annuity appointments mentioned in this FAQ are provided by a third-party vendor and are not guaranteed. Safe Money Broadcasting holds no responsibility or liability for the quality, fulfillment, or outcomes of these appointments. While we facilitate the connection between agents and the appointment services, the actual scheduling, management, and specifics of these appointments are under the purview of the third-party vendor. Agents engaging with these services should understand that Safe Money Broadcasting is not accountable for the nature or quality of the appointments arranged by the third-party vendor. This disclaimer is provided to ensure transparency and understanding regarding the role of Safe Money Broadcasting in relation to these annuity appointment services.