Client Reengagement F.A.Q.

FAQ: Email Drip Process for Client Reengagement

Q1: What are the basic requirements for my client list?
A1: Your client list should consist of individuals who have previously opted into receiving communications from you. This ensures compliance with consent laws and regulations. Additionally, the clients on your list should have a history of engagement or interest in financial services.

Q2: What is the minimum and maximum number of clients I can include in the reengagement campaign?
A2: The minimum number of clients for an effective reengagement campaign is 200. This ensures a sufficient sample size for meaningful engagement and analytics. The maximum limit is set at 5000 clients per campaign, allowing for a focused and manageable approach.

Q3: Do clients need to have opted in previously to be on my financial professional’s list?
A3: Yes, it’s mandatory that clients on your list have previously given explicit consent or opted in to receive communications from you. Our system addresses all your email compliance concerns and will evaluate your list for CAN-SPAM compliance before the campaign launch.

Q4: Is there a need to submit proof of licensing?
A4: Yes, you are required to submit proof of appropriate licensing for the state or states in which you will be conducting your reengagement activities. This is crucial to ensure that all communications and services provided are in accordance with state laws and regulations.

Q5: Can I include clients from multiple states in my reengagement campaign?
A5: Yes, you can include clients from multiple states, provided you hold valid licensing for each of those states. It’s important to tailor your communications to comply with the specific regulations of each state.

Q6: How do I ensure my reengagement campaign complies with legal and regulatory standards?
A6: Ensure that your list consists of clients who have opted in for communications, and that your licensing is up to date and valid in the states you are targeting. Additionally, familiarize yourself with and adhere to regulations such as the CAN-SPAM Act for email communications. Our automated drip program is designed to fully comply with all aspects of the CAN-SPAM Act, ensuring legal and ethical standards are maintained, and each campaign is evaluated for compliance before launch.

Q7: What if my client list is not CAN-SPAM compliant?
A7: It’s critical that your list complies with the CAN-SPAM Act. If your list is not compliant, we cannot proceed with the campaign. It’s your responsibility to ensure compliance before submitting your list for the campaign.

Q8: Are there any guarantees or refunds for the reengagement campaign?
A8: Due to the varying nature of each advisor’s list and the individual engagement levels of consumers, we cannot guarantee specific results. Furthermore, there are no refunds once the campaign has begun. We strive to provide the best possible service, but the effectiveness can vary based on numerous factors beyond our control.

Q9: What happens if a client no longer wishes to be contacted?
A9: If a client indicates they no longer wish to receive communications, you must promptly remove them from your list in compliance with their request and applicable laws. Having an easy opt-out mechanism in all communications is important.

Q10: Can I use this reengagement campaign for clients I haven’t contacted in years?
A10: Yes, as long as they previously opted in to receive communications from you. However, it’s advisable to acknowledge the time lapse in your initial reengagement message and provide them with a clear option to opt out if they are no longer interested.

This FAQ provides clarity on the requirements, legal considerations, and the no-refund policy for financial professionals planning to undertake a client reengagement campaign through email and SMS communications, emphasizing the importance of CAN-SPAM compliance and our system’s proactive compliance evaluation before each campaign launch.