Financial Professionals Just Like You Praise SafeMoney.com and Safe Money Broadcasting

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“I’ve been extremely impressed working with SafeMoney.com. Their entire team is very professional and helpful. When prospects investigate their website you have instant credibility before they ever contact you. I’ve been in the Financial Planning business for over 30 years and SafeMoney is the best I’ve been involved with. I wish I had met them long ago!

Ray Lutke
Lutke & Lutke Financial Group

“If you’re considering Digital Marketing, in growing your business, you ABSOLUTELY need to use the great folks at Safe Money Broadcasting… They define EXCELLENCE!”

Jim Chilton
Founder & CEO
Society for Financial Awareness

“5 Stars for Safe Money Broadcasting! The experts at SMB redesigned and redeployed our website at record speed. The team at SMB is knowledgeable, affordable and thorough. But, most importantly, they created a brand that we envisioned but couldn’t produce. They listened and executed! I will use them for all of my branding and marketing needs.”

Kim O'Brien
Founder & CEO
AssessBEST (AssessBest.com) and Americans for Asset Protection

“Recently I received a call from someone who found me on SafeMoney.com. He had stated he was very impressed with the educational information on the website and wanted to learn more. Educating our clients and providing options based on their goals and objectives is the foundation of our firm. SafeMoney.com assists us in  achieving these objectives.”

John Casasanta
CasaSanta Financial Services

“I recently started a new workshop and as soon as I incorporated my safe money listing I was making more appointments and know I will be writing more business. This program provides so much opportunity for such a small cost!”

Diane Brewer
President, CEO
Retirement Services of America

This is Jason Nightingale over here in Idaho. As you well know, when I first reached out to you, I was telling you that I live 35 miles from a stoplight and 65 miles from Walmart or McDonald’s! I really needed something to set me apart from the crowd. I have really enjoyed being able to share the free articles and the non-biased information & materials that you provide on your website. You have been very good to explain how the program works with clarity! It has been really easy to copy and paste your content into my emails as well. That’s good for me because I am not a super computer whiz! Also, clients feel comfortable knowing they have a place to go where they can read informational material without being bothered by someone. I am happy to send them to safemoney.com for a haven without all the various degrees of misrepresentation! I wrote 3 Annuities last week and moved about a half-million $ into safe money places using fixed indexed annuity products. All three clients were really impressed with the materials that I provided them through safemoney.com!!

Thank you very much for your excellent customer service and such an amazing tool to put me on the map in such a rural area! I really feel any agent or agency in any size city or town would benefit from this incredible service.

Jason Nightingale

“I have been associated with Safe Money Broadcasting for the past year. I would like to say they are an excellent resource for the Independent Advisor. The cost is very reasonable for not only access to numerous Safe Money articles and blogs on Retirement Planning, Retirement Healthcare Issues, various Annuities, and Life Insurance. There’s also excellent information on Social Security and Estate Planning.”

I have been in the industry for over three (3) decades and have rarely seen so much offered to help advisors market their practice for so little cost. You also can be listed in your respective licensed home state as a recognized “Safe Money Advisor.” This lends great credibility  to your practice. The Director of Client Relations is always there to help promote you and your business should your prospects request a report and name you as the referring advisor. Thanks for your great services and presence in our industry.

C. Doc Faulkner, CFP
Financial Freedom Group

“Safemoney.com is the best resource I have found for my clients, prospects, and anyone who may be doing a google search for my background before or after seeking my services. I was immediately, and continue to be impressed with the content of the site and with Erica’s help as I’ve become more familiar with everything available. People looking for annuity information have called me after seeing my name on the Safemoney.com website that came up in their search. For example, I recently received a call from someone interested in MYGA rates who told me he called after seeing my name and profile as an advisor in Cleveland, Ohio. I highly recommend partnering with Safemoney.com as an inexpensive way provide value-added services and positive exposure for your business.”

Bruce A. Roberts, LUTCF
Insurance | Wealth Protection Advisor

Testimony on working with FBIC Educators and Safe Money Broadcasting

“Actually, it’s been the best thing that I have ever done. My business has been great. I used to do seminars — dinner seminars — and have an office. Now I have cut my marketing expenses to zero, and I’ve written more business and made more than I did the entire last year. As long as someone does exactly what they teach you to do and how to do it, a person should be very successful. And as long as they put in the work and time. These are the most ethical and moral people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with in 30 years. It’s a great opportunity!”

Fred O’Brien
President | Financial Concepts
Federal Benefits Educator | FBIC Educators