Finding the Best FMO for Annuity Products: a Complete Checklist


Are you looking for the best FMO for annuity business? As almost everyone knows, FMO is short for “field marketing organization,” which also tends to be called an “insurance marketing organization” (IMO).

Finding the best FMO for annuity business isn’t a matter of just picking the right FMO, but rather the right one for YOU. Every agent and financial advisor has different needs. Are you looking for the highest-paying contracts as you are already squared away with marketing, sales, and leads? Do you write quite a bit of annuity business with your marketing and want to ramp it up? Are you looking to get a better return on your marketing, wanting to take your brand to the next level, or aiming to dial in your sales process with the right support?

In this guide, we will go over different ways that an annuity FMO can support you, things to consider when looking for the right partner for you, and questions to ask an FMO.

Here are some things at a high level. Is the FMO making non-biased product recommendations? Does the FMO have a sales agenda? Does the FMO return your calls and emails, including for smaller cases? Or is communication with them more like pulling teeth with the follow-up?

Use this guide as a starting point or a process of evaluation for any FMOs for your annuity business that you are currently talking to. As a standalone marketing firm for independent agents and advisors, we have no business interest in the FMO you ultimately choose.

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List of IMOs and FMOs for Annuity and Life


Are you looking for a list of IMOs (insurance marketing organizations) that offer annuity and life insurance products? Since Safe Money Broadcasting is a content and marketing company that isn’t in the financial services business, we often hear from our advisor- and agent-clients about whether a list of IMOs and FMOs working with such insurance companies and products is available.

Of course, there are many annuity and life IMOs from which to choose. You may have heard of an IMO referred to as an FMO (field marketing organization) or a BGA (brokerage general agency) before. When marketing organizations vary by size, small-sized and mid-sized firms may be called an FMO or a BGA. Still, they are pretty much the same thing, and many people in the insurance industry use these terms interchangeably.

Below is an IMO and FMO list for your convenience. This list of IMOs and FMOs isn’t nearly meant to be exhaustive, and we will add to it more over time as more annuity and life IMOs come to our attention or other changes happen. For those keen on their business independence, it’s good to keep in mind that some of these IMOs are owned by corporate groups that have been consolidating the independent insurance space quite rapidly.

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