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How Much Income Are You Losing to Sales That Seemed a Done Deal?

Say you were a retirement investor looking for an advisor to help with your life savings. Would you trust someone whose office had peeling wallpaper? What if their office had fold-out chairs?

You wouldn’t entrust your life savings to anyone with such a Mickey-Mouse operation. So, why should your online presence be any different than that in building impressions that matter?

This is a big deal that can determine whether you close more deals, bigger deals, and whether your prospect bothers with you or even reaches out at all.

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“I was spending $13,000 per seminar event, so every dollar counted. When my prospects met in my office with me after the event, they told me that they found me on, and that was the reason why that they booked an appointment with me. They liked what they saw!”

Experts Note the Greater Chance for a
Market Correction… Will You Be Ready?

Online searches for “safe money” went up 350+% during the aftermath of the financial crisis. Online searches for “safe money” beat out searches for more traditional terms like “retirement planning,” “financial advice,” and “income planning” by as much as 700%. And it’s still growing!

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Recent Contact from Investors Visiting

“Hi, I’m just calling to verify that this card that I’m holding in my hand, that the people, whose names are on the card, are associated with you guys. I want to verify that these guys are legitimate. Anyway, give me a call when you get a chance. Thanks!”

– A recent call-in from investor in OR, asking if prospective advisors are part of and about their credibility. 

“I needed to make a safe investment for income. I found the SafeMoney website and searched for a local representative. I was put in touch with an advisor in CA. He and his wife spent a lot of time finding the right investment for me.

I met with them personally twice and we went over each line of the application, making sure I understood how it worked and the safety of my principal. I felt very comfortable with them….like being with a trusted friend. It was a good fit and I am looking forward to a good financial outcome.”

– California investor

“I have questions, I need someone I need to talk to about some things. I need an advisor to talk to, please have someone call me ASAP.”

– Texas Investor

“I heard a retirement show about safe money, I’m not sure if this is the same safe money with the radio show but would like an advisor to contact me.”

– Ohio Investor

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Strengthen your independence through association with Along with educational content, we use content like the video below to build trust and credibility with consumers on your behalf.

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