Exclusive Annuity Appointment Service

No Lead Sales | Quality Consumer-Generated Confirmed Appointments

Are you tired of the same old lead generation tactics? We understand. That’s why at Safe Money Broadcasting, we’re offering a refreshing approach—Quality Consumer-Generated Confirmed Appointments.

What Sets Us Apart?

Prospects in Control: Appointments are scheduled by prospects themselves, choosing the date and time that suits them best. Their proactive involvement shows a genuine interest in meeting with an agent or advisor.

Streamlined Onboarding: Upon payment, your will receive our straightforward service agreement and login credentials for the Annuity Appointment Vendor Portal. Syncing Google or Microsoft (Outlook) calendars is a breeze—crucial for a smooth start.

Comprehensive Prospect Info: You will receive the prospects’ names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more details for Gift Basket appointments. This includes age and estimated assets available for investing.

Unmatched ROI: Our Gift Basket Effect offers a minimum of 40 appointments at just $65 each, totaling $2,678 (including a 3% credit card fee). We can target multiple states, delivering appointments within two weeks.

Dive into Variety: Our appointments encompass prospects from various backgrounds, including police officers, firefighters, university employees, educators K-12 (403(b)), city and state employees, and individuals aged 60 and above. Estimated assets for investing range from $100k to $500k.

More Options:

40 virtual appointments at $49 each, with a minimum of 40 appointments for $2,018.80 (including a 3% credit card fee). Delivery in up to a week.

40 virtual appointments at $65 each, totaling $2,678 (including a 3% credit card fee). Age-specific appointments for those aged 55 and older. Target multiple states for a continuous flow of appointments. Some will have reported assets of $100k – $500k.

Another option also available, inquire below for more information.

What Makes This Opportunity Unique?

Flexibility: Work at your pace, we let you choose the number of appointments per week or month you would like to receive.

No Lock-In Contracts: We don’t bind you to monthly contracts or automatically recharge your credit card. You’re in control.

Customizable Start Dates: You can start appointments when convenient and pause during vacations or breaks.

Reminder System: Prospects receive two reminders, 24 hours and 2 hours before appointments, allowing rescheduling or cancellation.

No Appointment Recycling: Appointments are exclusively for you; we never recycle or resell them.

Zoom Integration: You can easily add a Zoom link, reducing no-shows and enhancing engagement.

Robust Reporting: Access detailed reports through the Annuity Appointment Vendor Dashboard.

Direct Support: Agents receive a direct contact number for Operations for any operational inquiries.

Choose Safe Money Broadcasting for Quality Consumer-Generated Confirmed Appointments that elevate your game in the financial services industry.

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This FAQ provides a comprehensive overview of the Annuity Appointment Vendor Services for agents working with Safemoney.com, and will be continually updated with new information as needed.

Please be aware that the annuity appointments mentioned in this FAQ are provided by a third-party vendor and are not guaranteed. Safe Money Broadcasting holds no responsibility or liability for the quality, fulfillment, or outcomes of these appointments. While we facilitate the connection between agents and the appointment services, the actual scheduling, management, and specifics of these appointments are under the purview of the third-party vendor. Agents engaging with these services should understand that Safe Money Broadcasting is not accountable for the nature or quality of the appointments arranged by the third-party vendor. This disclaimer is provided to ensure transparency and understanding regarding the role of Safe Money Broadcasting in relation to these annuity appointment services.