Annuity Appointment F.A.Q.

FAQ for Annuity Appointment Vendor Services

Q1: What is the time frame for fulfilling 40 virtual appointments across 5 states?

A1: The time frame for fulfilling 40 appointments across 5 states can be adjusted to the agent’s pace. We can deliver the appointments as long as the agent’s calendar is open, and the flow also depends on which 5 states are targeted. Generally, we’ve had no problems delivering 40 appointments in less than a month.

Q2: What about in-person appointments?

A2: In-person appointments are handled on a case-by-case basis. Recently, there’s been a lower interest in prospects wanting in-home visits by agents, with virtual appointments being more popular. However, some states show higher interest in in-person appointments. Our operations department needs to approve these requests, and our marketing department aims to deliver them promptly.

Q3: What is the follow-up cadence for an appointment?

A3: We send out two reminders to the prospect before the appointments, one 24 hours before and another 2 hours before. These reminders include a link for rescheduling or cancelling. If an appointment is cancelled, we replace it, but we do not replace no-shows.

Q4: Can appointments be focused on specific counties?

A4: We do not limit appointments to certain counties. We offer appointments throughout the entire state where the agent is licensed. If there’s a request for 40 appointments within a specific time frame, our operations team will prioritize this on the order ticket.

Q5: Is there a sample or script available for how appointments are marketed?

A5: Our marketing department does not share the specific script or method of how they market to prospects. However, all marketing is compliant with regulations and is legitimate, without any deceitful tactics or tricky wording. We don’t offer anything for free to set an appointment.

Q6: What information does an agent receive about an appointment?

A6: The agent will receive the person’s name, phone number, and email address for each appointment.

Q7: How are these leads vetted and what qualifications make these an actual appointment?

A7: Prospects are responding to our marketing offer to be connected to a professional who is knowledgeable to their states retirement plans and can provide them a retirement review/planning. The prospect is the one that sets the appointment, choosing the day and time they want to be called on.  Upon setting the appointment, the prospect will receive the name and number of the agent. We send out 2 reminders to the prospect, 24 hrs and 2 hrs before the appt time. Each reminder includes a link to reschedule or cancel the appt. These appts are exclusively for the agent, we do not recycle or resell to another agent.

Q8: What is the replacement policy if these do not meet qualifications?

A8: If the prospect clicks and cancels the appt we will replace the appt.  We do not replace no shows.

Q9: What is the appointment show ratio and closing ration?

A9: The agent’s closing rate will be what their closing rate is now. We provide you the opportunities to offer the agents products to prospects that are interested in a retirement review. We don’t keep track of each agent’s ROIs, however we do keep track of our re-orders. We have a 90% ratio of reorders. That indicates to us that the agents are happy with the outcome of the appts. 

Q10: Can they tell us what is the appointment kept and apt no show numbers?

A10: No show rate is approximately 20-25% based on feedback from prospects.

Q11: Is there an accessible CRM available to me to monitor communications with the client?

A11: Our Portal has a CRM that sends out two reminders to the prospect with a link that they can reschedule or cancel. When an appt gets cancelled, you will be notified and you will be able to keep track on the Appt portal.

Note: As more questions come in, they will be answered here. So, please keep checking back if needed for updated information and additional queries.

This FAQ provides a comprehensive overview of the Annuity Appointment Vendor Services for agents working with, and will be continually updated with new information as needed.

Please be aware that the annuity appointments mentioned in this FAQ are provided by a third-party vendor and are not guaranteed. Safe Money Broadcasting holds no responsibility or liability for the quality, fulfillment, or outcomes of these appointments. While we facilitate the connection between agents and the appointment services, the actual scheduling, management, and specifics of these appointments are under the purview of the third-party vendor. Agents engaging with these services should understand that Safe Money Broadcasting is not accountable for the nature or quality of the appointments arranged by the third-party vendor. This disclaimer is provided to ensure transparency and understanding regarding the role of Safe Money Broadcasting in relation to these annuity appointment services.