Pat Kerfoot

“I have been extremely happy with the Safe Money program. Two cases come to mind that I closed using the SafeMoney personally branded landing page: one annuity for $300,000 premium and a second for $200,000. Safe Money provides me with several powerful tools to prospect for new clients and serve existing clients. The Safe Money educational articles have been a tremendous benefit in educating clients and prospects. I use the articles with both prospects and current clients. These articles provide a powerful third-party referral for the use of annuities to safeguard client’s retirement assets. I often use these articles in follow-up emails to prospects and clients. I also use the articles in newsletters I send to my contact base.”

“The advisor branded landing page you have developed for me is a tremendous asset. The landing page provides instant credibility. I constantly use it with prospects. The brochures, which can be downloaded from the landing page, provide a wealth of information on the Safe Money process. After an initial meeting with a prospect I provide them with the link to the Safe Money landing page. The brochures reinforce the message I am trying to share with prospects and clients.Your direct follow-up with those who visit the landing page and download a brochure is a fantastic add-on. Your direct contact and celebration of me as an independent advisor creates instant credibility and has led to increased sales. The Safe Money program has been a tremendous asset to my practice.”

Pat K.
Financial Professional