Jon Bellman

“I wanted to let you know about the success I’ve had with the Safe Money folders, booklets, and other marketing materials that Safe Money has to offer. I recently used the Safe Money materials to work with a couple that is retiring. All of their money was in the market. Using many of the Safe Money materials, I was able to educate them. The feedback from the couple was very positive.

They loved how the materials, especially the charts & pictures, made it easy to understand the concepts and ideas I was explaining to them about protecting their nest egg by eliminating risk. This resulted in a $340,000 annuity case.

Today, I took materials to a joint event with a mortgage company. The topic was about annuities. After the event, the first person that walked out said ‘I need an annuity.’ I gave them a folder with the contents to review. Several more walked out and said the same thing.

I had a few folders left and the last two people each took one for themselves, then split the rest of the folders to hand out to their friends that they knew might need an annuity.

Safe Money works! Thanks for all of your help.”

Jon Bellman
Financial Professional