Jason Nightingale

This is Jason Nightingale over here in Idaho. As you well know, when I first reached out to you, I was telling you that I live 35 miles from a stoplight and 65 miles from Walmart or McDonald’s! I really needed something to set me apart from the crowd. I have really enjoyed being able to share the free articles and the non-biased information & materials that you provide on your website. You have been very good to explain how the program works with clarity! It has been really easy to copy and paste your content into my emails as well. That’s good for me because I am not a super computer whiz! Also, clients feel comfortable knowing they have a place to go where they can read informational material without being bothered by someone. I am happy to send them to safemoney.com for a haven without all the various degrees of misrepresentation! I wrote 3 Annuities last week and moved about a half-million $ into safe money alternatives using fixed indexed annuity products. All three clients were really impressed with the materials that I provided them through safemoney.com!!

Thank you very much for your excellent customer service and such an amazing tool to put me on the map in such a rural area! I really feel any agent or agency in any size city or town would benefit from this incredible service.