Mikogo Training Installation Video

Instructions for downloading and installing Mikogo program on your computer. The 1:11 and other time marks are at specific points of time in the video. Feel free to pause and rewind the video as needed to cover these steps.

1:10 – We start in our email inbox here. Go to your address bar on top of your internet browser, left click with your mouse in the space there, type in Mikogo.com

Then push the Enter button on your keyboard. You will go to the Mikogo website, where you will be able to get the program files, save them and install them.

1:34 – Click “Accept only essential cookies” button in the box that pops up.

1:50 – With your mouse, move your cursor to the Mikogo website area with the form that says “Create a Free Account and Get Started Today” on the top.

Left-click with your mouse the “First Name” field, then put in your first name by typing it out on your keyboard. Then move down and left-click the Last Name field, put in your last name again using your keyboard.

Then move down below that, left-click in the the “Email” field white space just like with the other fields above. Then put in your email address using the keyboard. After that, left-click to the “Password” field.

This is important – choose a password that you will remember and use your keyboard to enter it here. After that, click on the “Let’s Go” button to complete your free account registration.

2:25 – After you have filled out all of the form mentioned above and hit the “Let’s Go” button, you will be directed to a new Mikogo website page that says “Congratulations! You now have a free Mikogo account that includes…” on the top for wording.

Using your mouse, left-click on the blue “Download for Windows” button on this page to start installing Mikogo on your computer. That way we can see your screen during our coaching with you and when you have issues with your subscription in the future.

3:03 – When you left-click the blue “DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS” button, a small box will pop up on your screen then. This box will say: “You have chosen to open: Mikogo-starter.exe. Would you like to save this file?”

Click the “Save File” in this small box.

3:25 We are using “FireFox” for our internet services here, so a Blue Downward-Facing Arrow will pop up in the top of your Internet window (next to where you put in Mikogo.com earlier).

Using your mouse, left-click on the Blue Downward-Facing Arrow next. Please watch the video carefully here to navigate this.

3:44 – When you click the Blue Downward-Facing Arrow, a box will pop up underneath that, and the box will say “mikogo-starter.exe” and “Open file.” Using your mouse, tap the left-clicker of your mouse once.

Then wait, your white mouse cursor might show a circle rotating next to it, as you see in the video. This shows that something is loading on your computer (3:52).

3:52 – Please be patient, it took some time to load this next step as you saw in the video on our computer. But you will eventually see a box come up.

This box will have a green bar that moves left-to-right very fast.

4:22-4:25 In our video, this box shows up at the 4:22 mark. This means the Mikogo program is being added to your computer. Almost finished!

Depending on the computer you use, you may have another message that comes up that says that “This program wants to make changes to your computer.” Click yes to give the program permission to finish fully installing on your computer. You might have to give permission to finish installation a couple of times.

4:32 – When you are finished doing all of this, you should see a new Mikogo box show up on your screen, as you see in the video at this time.

The box will say “Mikogo” on the very top of it, and to the left of the box, you will see “To start a session, select your preferred…” wording there. This is how you know Mikogo has been successfully installed on your computer.

Congrats! To exit out of Mikogo after you’ve finished installing it, look at the box that says Mikogo on the top. There will be an “X” option in the top right-hand corner of the box. Click on this to exit.

You can also find Mikogo to use it in the future by clicking the “Type here to search” bar on your desktop, like you see in the video on the very bottom of your desktop screen.

When you have left-clicked in the white space of that bar, enter Mikogo using your keyboard and then push enter. You will see Mikogo come up as a search result, then click on Mikogo using the left-clicker of your mouse to open it.

We can now help you. Thank you for your patience in working with us through this process!