Prospect to Close™ Webinar and Digital Marketing Platform

Are you looking for an effective annuity webinar marketing system that actually helps you close more sales and drive meaningful business results? If you are making the switch to virtual workshops in lieu of what’s happened with changing global health and economic conditions, then read on. Everything you need to take your business 100% online and be successful is here for you!

Introducing a complete virtual workshop presentation system with everything you need to succeed — and what’s more, a complete digital marketing & content program that lets you be part of the #1 ranked Safe Money brand on Google!

This is the Prospect to CloseWebinar and Digital Marketing Platform. It’s the complete package!

Not only do you get our Full Circle Platform — a comprehensive virtual workshop presentation platform, built on excruciating competitive analysis and mystery shopper insights of the events put on by today’s top seminar producers.

You also receive access to the advisor program. This has been described as “a complete Swiss Army knife” of content, sales tools, and marketing support to grow your practice from Day 1. This part of the Prospect to Close bundle includes hundreds of pages of sales tools, ready-to-share articles, and branding materials tied to a national brand that can greatly boost your credibility.

These two programs are bundled together for incredible value in the Prospect to Close Webinar and Digital Marketing System.  You won’t find another program that brings together these two worlds like this one does.

Why the Full Circle Seminar Platform?

Through an extensive R&D period, we sent mystery shoppers to top-of-the-pack seminars put on by top producers nationally.

These analysts watched every aspect of their marketing, watching the advisors for exactly what they did best, what they said at the beginning, during the presentation, and during their closes. They also monitored how the advisors qualified members of the audience while setting quality appointments.

The end result of that hard work? The Full Circle Seminar Platform — a mix of best-in-class seminar presentation ideas compiled into one, simple powerful presentation. These ideas will save you time, hassle, and cost.

Best of all, there are no contracting requirements for this program. You don’t have to give up a single penny of your annuity, life or financial business. We’ve also revamped this so you can deliver your workshops in a convenient virtual format, letting you reach more prospects while saving time and money.

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    Industry-Leading Credibility

    It doesn’t end there. You will also have the complete tools and resources to leverage our national brand, The Prospect to Close System includes a advisor membership, entitling you to hundreds of pages of sales tools, reports, and a national third-party brand advocating on your behalf.

    With this program, you’ll gain universal tools to create new clients and close sales from every one of your relationships. Existing clients and cross-sells. New prospects you bring into the fold. Referrals from grateful clients and existing prospects with whom you’ve built rapport. An entirely new world of opportunities opens up for you with this program, and you can start using these tools on Day 1!

    We already covered the army of educational content and sales tools when you part of And it doesn’t stop there. When you are part of our advisor community, our director of business operations will call prospects you refer to SafeMoney and give them a good recommendation on your behalf.

    The only third-party referral to come with a seminar and workshop presentation system… When have you ever heard of a webinar presentation and digital marketing platform ever doing this for you? And at low cost?

    Complete Solution for Independent Advisors

    Now, why should you be excited about this program overall? Here’s a quick rundown of how this helps you, the independent advisor:

    • Full business page with your biography, contact information, and branding on
    • A personalized Membership Handout for you.
    • Embedded Safe Money video on your personal Safe Money page.
    • Safe Money Accelerator working on your behalf 24/7.
    • Safe Money First Blueprint Sales Tool working on your behalf 24/7.
    • Comprehensive presentation that is adaptable for virtual workshops, educational presentations, and other gatherings online and in person.
    • 8,000-word Best Practices Guide and Script, based on secret shopper insights of what works at the nation’s top seminar events.
    • Complete suite of digital & presentation materials: easy-referral presenter script, field-tested confidential review request package, etc.
    • Top support from an industry-leading partner, who sent 100+ million mail pieces just last year, is among Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, has been in business for 30+ years, and has a service guarantee.
    • Advanced prospect targeting techniques and 24/7 production to make your events a reality — and to bring more qualified appointments into your office.
    • Award-winning design, services, and customer support from a firm that is an Inc. 500 top marketing company.
    • Bonuses: 8 proven appointment-setting email templates for your sales funnel, a suggested appointment process, and much more.

    You can take advantage of this system without giving up a penny of your annuity, life, or financial business.

    To get the right prospects at your workshop events — and ultimately to turn those into scheduled appointments in your office, we’ve partnered with one of the best vendors in the business. Using mail and prospect targeting insights from billions of marketing impressions they’ve created, this marketing partner will help you get the right people to your event.

    You’ll also receive the training and support to conduct virtual workshops, fill them with the right prospects, maximize your appointments, create new clients, and convert more sales. Everything you need under one roof!

    Start Growing Your Business with Powerful Annuity Webinar Marketing

    As this is a system that’s built on our nationally recognized brand, you’ll need to be part of our member community to participate. For your convenience we have bundled together all of this power-packed value into one package. You can get started by purchasing your own personal workshop presentation and everything-done-for-you digital marketing platform membership below!

    Don’t wait. Learn more about this program today by calling us at (800) 790-7791, or purchase your own subscription for this platform below. We look forward to working with you and growing your business!

    Full Circle Seminar & Digital Marketing Platform