Safe Money First Blueprint

Here’s your chance to stand out from a market overflowing with “promise-the-moon” FIA illustrations and shoot-from-the-hip selling concepts.

Annuities of the fixed variety have a powerful role to play in many client portfolios. Using the Safe Money First Blueprint, you can show your clients how to enjoy a worry-free retirement by building their financial strategy on a Safe Money First Foundation.

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Simplicity Meets Complex Investor Needs

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    This easy-to-use resource has been specifically crafted for an audience of well-informed, higher net-worth investors. It’s easily usable for retirement investors of all levels of technology comfort! With just a few clicks, you can easily explain and guide your prospects in seeing:

    • How a Safe Money First Foundation frees them to enjoy a fulfilling retirement based on their expectations.
    • How investors enjoy a more worry-free retirement built on iron-tight guarantees.
    • When 30+43=0… and why this is crucial in understanding true portfolio losses and gains.
    • Why a fixed index annuity can preserve accumulated gains and keep their desired retirement date on track.
    • How fixed-type annuities differ from mutual funds, stocks, and other products on many fronts: tax treatment, premium bonuses, guaranteed growth, principal protection, and much more.
    • Three crucial Retirement Rules to judge their financial progress and determine if extra steps are needed…
    • How working with a financial professional can bring peace of mind.

    Take advantage of this powerful overview of Safe Money First principles. Start turning more prospects into clients while helping them secure tomorrow starting today!

    Safe Money First Blueprint