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Are you looking for an effective annuity seminar system that actually helps you close more sales and drive meaningful business results? If you have seminars and workshops — or have stronger presenter skills — read on.

Not only do you have to handcuff yourself to one of those gigantic IMOs… you have to give them seemingly all of your carrier contracts to even be “considered” for their ‘silver bullet’ seminar programs.

Even then, you’ll still have to pay an arm and a leg in order to participate… and that’s after you’ve already given them everything else!

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    But not any longer. Here’s your chance to throw off the handcuffs, to get a divorce from those overbearing brokerages that only look out for themselves, and to start putting business growth back in your corner!

    Introducing a new, exclusive annuity seminar marketing system that you can use with no insurance or business requirements, period.

    Now, why should you be excited about this program overall? Here’s a quick rundown of how this helps you, the independent advisor:

    • Built on insights by mystery shoppers at seminars by top-performing advisors nationwide & other competitive intel.
    • Top support from an industry-leading partner, who sent 100+ million mail pieces just last year, is among Inc 500’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, has been in business for 30+ years, and has a service guarantee.
    • Complete suite of digital & presentation materials: professional presentation, 8,000-word script & best practices guide, field-tested confidential review request package, etc.
    • Advanced prospect targeting techniques and 24/7 production to make your events a reality — and to bring more qualified appointments into your office.
    • Award-winning design, services, and customer support from a firm that is among Inc 500’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.
    • Bonuses: 8 proven appointment-setting email templates for your sales funnel, a suggested appointment process, and much, much more.

    You can take advantage of this system without giving up a penny of your annuity, life, or financial business.

    To get the right prospects at your seminar events — and ultimately to turn those into scheduled appointments in your office, we’ve partnered with one of the best vendors in the business. Using mail and prospect targeting insights from billions of marketing impressions they’ve created, this marketing partner will help you get the right people to your event.

    As this is a system that’s built on our nationally recognized SafeMoney.com brand, you’ll need to be part of our SafeMoney.com member community to participate.

    Don’t wait. Learn more about this program today by calling us at (800) 790-7791, or purchase your own licensing subscription for this program below. We look forward to working with you and growing your business!

    *Full Circle Seminar Marketing Platform™

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