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Most independent advisors today have an identity crisis. According to Pershing, 6 in 10 investors have trouble in distinguishing between advisors at all!


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    Good news! As part of, you are associated with a financial education resource that has been featured on CNBC, PBS, Fox Business Network, Reuters, MSNBC, and many other outlets.

    According to many sources, consumers react differently to advisors whose marketing includes these branded media logos.

    Some highlights that we, and others, have seen by incorporating recognizable, branded outlets in marketing include:

    • Higher performance on marketing – some advisors have increased seminar attendance by 120+%.
    • More website visitors, our traffic increased 100+% from when we put these outlets up!
    • Advisors can see more prospects pre-sold on setting up appointments. 
    • More networking opportunities – some advisors have seen networking requests on LinkedIn jump 300+%!

    As a advisor, you can tie into this powerful marketing technique. For a low cost, we can give you a personalized, always-ready-to-print PDF of your biography page with these branded logos on it.

    Print copies of this and include them in seminar folders. Use them in your follow-up packages from a first meeting with prospects. By being part of, you’re aligned with a brand that has been featured on these press outlets!

    So, if you’re looking for a way to further distinguish yourself from other advisors…. Then don’t wait. Grab your credibility-boosting promotional piece today!