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Jim Chilton Verified Buyer

Founder & CEO
Society for Financial Awareness (

"If you're considering Digital Marketing, in growing your business, you ABSOLUTELY need to use the great folks at Safe Money Broadcasting... They define EXCELLENCE!"

Kim O'Brien Verified Buyer

Founder & CEO
Assess Best & Americans for Asset Protection (

"5 Stars for Safe Money Broadcasting! The experts at SMB redesigned and redeployed our website at record speed. The team at SMB is knowledgeable, affordable and thorough. But, most importantly, they created a brand that we envisioned but couldn’t produce. They listened and executed! I will use them for all of my branding and marketing needs."

John CasaSanta Verified Buyer

CasaSanta Financial Services

“Recently I received a call from someone who found me on He had stated he was very impressed with the educational information on the website and wanted to learn more. Educating our clients and providing options based on their goals and objectives is the foundation of our firm. assists us in  achieving these objectives.”

These services are only available for the independent financial professionals listed on



Customer Acquisition Cost Relief

Through our partnership with Safe Money Resource – a Collaborative IMO – get cost relief support with your annuity & life leads! You may qualify for reimbursements on the costs of your leads, simply by submitting business to Safe Money Resource. Higher business volume may entitle you to more reimbursement credits.


Promote yourself as a Featured Advisor on! You’ll increase your online visibility to the investors who are in your city as well as local areas. Showcase your financial specialty and enhance your profile as an expert in safe, guaranteed strategies.

As a Featured Advisor, you will:

  • Enjoy prominent placements in areas corresponding to your business!
  • Be directly promoted in your local market as a Safe Money Expert.
  • Have a direct link for visiting investors to your profile.
  • Have more opportunities to connect with prospects!
  • Enjoy increased potential for investors to contact you directly.
  • Enhance your online profile and get started with this program today!

Prospect to Close System

This exclusive system does everything for you! Save time, money, and devote your attention to closing more sales as you scale your business. Everything runs on autopilot, it gets more people in your door, and you’re freed up to focus on what matters most: meeting more clients and increasing your book of business.

The Prospect to Close™ System brings together all of today’s most advanced technologies in a comprehensive solution that’s custom-tailored to you. It does it all: targeted investor marketing, prospecting, lead generation, electronic consumer follow-ups, and customer acquisition.

Grow your sales potential and put online marketing to work for you. This system includes:

  • An all-in-one, closed-loop platform that brings investors to you
  • Hyper-targeted investor lists built with proven, Big Data sources
  • 24/7 financial presentations that can be joined anytime, anywhere
  • Investor leads wanting to meet with you or from presentation attendance
  • Online webinars that cut down the time & costs of multiple live seminars
  • 24/7 email marketing that runs on autopilot
  • Powerful email communications inviting people and following up on your behalf

You can take advantage of industry-exclusive consumer presentations offered in partnership with Safe Money Resource, one of our Collaborative IMOs. Or if you have your own pre-recorded presentation, this system can also be put to work for you.

Make the most of your online marketing efforts today. Get started with the Prospect to Close™ System and enhance your time, your productivity, your client book, and your sales conversions.

Start accelerating your business growth with this exclusive offer today!

You can own in your area

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to request a phone meeting with a Consultant from Safe Money Resource and to learn more. Advisor Program

Close annuity & life sales faster, easier, and more efficiently! Be part of our national brand! As a financial professional, you’ll benefit from the consumer perceptions that come from being part of something larger than yourself.

Subscription to this program entitles you to many benefits:

  • Ties to a national brand that’s been showcased on CNBC, Fox Business, PBS, Reuters, MSNBC, and many other outlets.
  • Access to tested-and-proven guides & resources that have helped create cases of $500,000 and up!
  • Safe Money-branded logo concept files and consumer materials for you to use with prospects and clients.
  • A comprehensive platform to capture attention from higher-quality investors, including those with $1 million and up in assets.
  • A communications team that you can request specific article content to be written on for your clients’ benefit.
  • And much more!

Consumers are looking at an average of 7 websites before they make a purchasing decision. Help them simplify their retirement research, avoid information overload, and access the tools they need to self-learn, while you position yourself as their trusted financial professional.

Get started with this exclusive program and grow your business potential today!

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*This amount is just an estimate. Additional costs may arise while creating a personalized Prospect to Close System, including external costs for additional list generation, paid advertising, email services, and other vendor services.

Custom Website Creation & Design

We specialize in building personalized and customized websites for our advisor partners with already established traffic...

Pinning down what makes a well designed site in artistic terms is something that takes talent and, often, years of experience. A great design builds your brand, is visually pleasing and coherent. All elements should be spaced well and properly aligned. Graphical elements should be sharp and complementary in terms of shape and colour. And you should use the design to guide the user around the page: prominence can come from the size, colour and position of each element.

Your website should accomplish all these objectives:

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Other Services

Facebook Advertising

Objective is to generate prospective clients to meet with, and as possible candidates to whom you can offer guaranteed retirement solutions.

SEM - Paid Online Advertising

What PPC means: Every time a prospect clicks on your advertisement through Facebook, they will be directed to a landing page and a cost will be taken from your account. You have complete control of your budget and how much you would like to spend on a daily basis.

We can help drive leads for you with Facebook advertising or paid ads on Google.
Seminars, educational events, other business-building goals.... Talk to our team to discuss what we can help with.

Content Writing 


Need a hand in creating powerful, dynamic content for a biography, educational materials, flyers, articles, or other sales-making items? Put our content writing team to work for you. From start to finish, we'll handle the entire writing process so you're freed up to focus on what matters: your clients and your business.

Our content writers specialize in creating content for online resources and offline materials. Your materials will be customized to you and your practice, and will be carefully developed to communicate your knowledge, value, and professionalism. Our communications experts have strong experience in the financial industry, including communications, reporting, and investor relations for publicly traded companies and helping other advisors just like you. Get started with the power of the pen today!

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Content Writing Services
  • Brand: name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service.

  • Marketing: is "the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large."

  • Advertising: is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners. Sometimes a specific group of people.) to continue or take some new action. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering..

  • Broadcasting: is the distribution of audio and video content to a dispersed audience via any audio visual medium
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Personalized Safe Money Business Cards

Marketing Package Bundle

Marketing Package Options

Every advisor knows the power of a handshake and a smile. But what about creating a lasting impression? There’s a reason why business cards have been in style for decades. A premium card serves many purposes: as a “name and face” for your practice, a tangible way to communicate your financial expertise, and a dynamic, attractive way to stay top-of-mind.  

As a member of the community, you are part of something bigger than just yourself. Now, you can put those brand ties to work for your business. Through Safe Money Broadcasting, you can buy quality business cards complete with personalized branding.

Get started with personal business cards for your practice. For your convenience, you can order them here straight off the Safe Money Broadcasting website. We look forward to serving you! Business Cards

As part of the Advisor program, you are entitled to a low-cost, business package of marketing materials. You won't find these business tools anywhere else!

Your business package includes: a printable, premium-grade consumer handout, a advisor video, and SafeMoney branded PowerPoint slides for seminar presentations.

Put the power of SafeMoney to work for your business! Request your own marketing package today and receive all of your personal SafeMoney materials at a discounted rate today.