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Online searches for “safe money” went up 350+% during the aftermath of the financial crisis. Online searches for “safe money” beat out searches for more traditional terms like “retirement planning,” “financial advice,” and “income planning” by as much as 700%. And it's still growing!

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In this program, get access to tested-and-proven consumer guides and tools that generate annuity cases of $500,000 and larger. Put our resources to work and increase policy premiums!

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Stand out from the 700,000+ other agents, advisors, and brokers nationwide. Use our national brand as yours, enhance your credibility, and have your prospects see you as an expert advisor, not a salesperson.

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Consumers look at an average of 7 websites. Help them simplify their research, avoid information overload, and access the tools they need to self-learn, while you control the information they see.

As a featured advisor on, you'll have a megaphone in your corner. Here are just a few ways you will benefit:

  • Parking on the #1 source for guaranteed strategies and being visible to those researching these strategies.

  • Salvaging lost conversations with prospects by using as a third-party resource.

  • Simplifying retirement conversations with an army of email-send and share-ready guides, articles, and tools.

  • Interacting with the 54% of consumers open to financial advice online.

  • Enjoying more opportunities to capture more business from safety-minded investors.

  • Being in control of the information your prospects see knowing consumers look at an average of 7 websites!

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Sure, technology is changing how advisors market and close sales. However, it takes THOUSANDS of dollars, and YEARS of learning, guessing, testing and failing before implementing successful techniques yourself. 

With the platform, you get an army of guides, articles, and resources on Safe Money Choices that are already done for you! 

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Along with educational content, we use content like the video below to build trust and rapport with consumers on your behalf.

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"If you're considering Digital Marketing, in growing your business, you ABSOLUTELY need to use the great folks at Safe Money Broadcasting... They define EXCELLENCE!"

Founder, CEO - Society for Financial  Awareness

Recently I received a call from someone who found me on He had stated he was very impressed with the educational information on the website and wanted to learn more. Educating our clients and providing options based on their goals and objectives is the foundation of our firm. assists us in  achieving these objectives.”

CasaSanta Financial Services

"5 Stars for Safe Money Broadcasting! The experts at SMB redesigned and redeployed our website at record speed. The team at SMB is knowledgeable, affordable and thorough. But, most importantly, they created a brand that we envisioned but couldn’t produce. They listened and executed! I will use them for all of my branding and marketing needs."

Founder, CEO - AssessBest & Americans for Annuity Protection

“One client, a purchased lead, was very skeptical when I called him. He asked about me, many questions, etc., then requested a bio and credentials. I suggested he go to the SafeMoney site, use the materials contained therein, and look me up as an adviser, etc.

He emailed me back later asking for me to contact him, and we have since applied for a $525,000, $46,000 TP IUL! I am 100% convinced was the critical factor in gaining his trust, and since have added the recommendation to visit the site on all potential client contact emails and phone calls."

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Safe Money Broadcasting offers a variety of subscription options for your convenience. Just subscribe, register, and you can start getting the most out of this program right away! 

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Save time and money in producing your own materials, and use ours! All are field-tested, market-proven, and ready for instant use!

You'll also get a library of articles that you can immediately share with clients and prospects. We're constantly adding new content to for you!

Topics of Discussion Include:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Social Security
  • Retirement Strategies with Safe Money
  • Annuities
  • Income Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Long-Term Care
  • Health Care Expenses
  • Managing Inflation, Longevity, Other Risks
  • Tax Efficiency & Reduction
  • And Much More!

“Hi, I’m just calling to verify that this card that I’m holding in my hand, that the people, whose names are on the card, are associated with you guys. I want to verify that these guys are legitimate. Anyway, give me a call when you get a chance. Thanks!”

- A recent call-in from investor in OR, asking if prospective advisors are part of and about their credibility. 

“I needed to make a safe investment for income. I found the SafeMoney website and searched for a local representative. I was put in touch with an advisor in CA. He and his wife spent a lot of time finding the right investment for me.

I met with them personally twice and we went over each line of the application, making sure I understood how it worked and the safety of my principal. I felt very comfortable with them… being with a trusted friend. It was a good fit and I am looking forward to a good financial outcome.”

- California investor, August 2017

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Where Will Consumers Find You When The Market Corrects?

The #1 source for guaranteed Safe Money strategies and visibility to those searching on GOOGLE!

That's Where They Will Find You!

Where Will 

Consumers Find 


When The Market 


The #1 source for guaranteed strategies and visibility to those researching these strategies 


That's Where They 

Will Find You!


Contact Your FMO / IMO or Contact SMB to See How You Can Qualify for This Incredible Program for FREE

Last Chance Offer Extended till 
Friday Oct. 27th MIDNIGHT

Last Chance Offer Extended till 
Friday Oct. 27th MIDNIGHT

Last Chance Offer Extended till 
Friday Oct. 27th MIDNIGHT

Online searches for “safe money” went up 350+% during the aftermath of the
financial crisis. Online searches for “safe money” beat out searches for more
traditional terms like “retirement planning,” “financial advice,” and “income
planning” by as much as 700%.


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