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Find it hard to go up against the big captive brands and those with huge marketing dollars?

Getting more difficult, year after year, to market your practice and obtain real, meaningful results?

Overwhelmed by all the digital marketing options out there, and unsure where you should focus your attention?

As an annuity and life solutions provider, do you struggle to keep up with the thousands of “Safe Money Experts” on the radio and in seminars – not to mention other well-funded competitors?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, get ready for a game-changer that will sharpen your competitive edge!



A Fundamental Shift is Happening

The Internet was supposed to make marketing easier. It hasn’t.

Today, many advisors struggle with online marketing more than ever. The DOL rule is changing everything, from new regulations and marketing compliance issues to how advisors do business. This creates real turmoil, and against an army of self-promoting “Safe Money” experts and other well-funded competitors, it’s hard to know where to concentrate your marketing efforts.

The problem is real and massive, and financial professionals are understandably concerned.

But don’t worry – there is a solution…

Online Interest in "Safe Money"

Spiked During the Financial Crisis... 

Will You be Ready for Next Time? 


Last time the market really fell, online searches for "safe money" soared. It beat other financial search terms -- like "retirement planning" -- by as much as 700%!  

Now the market is at an all-time high. When it corrects, will you be ready for the explosive interest in "safe money?" At, benefit from: 

•Being the #1 ranking on Google for "safe money"

•Having a direct contact page on a leading, online educational platform for safe retirement strategies 

•The position to capitalize on search traffic that spiked 350+% during the 2007-2008 crash 

•Being branded as the local Safe Money expert in your area



Independent Advisors 

Who is This Program For?

•Advisors who don’t understand online marketing

•Advisors who don’t want to start from the ground up and need an immediate marketing solution

•Advisors who have achieved moderate success but are looking for more

•Advisors needing a powerful way to differentiate themselves and separate themselves from the competition

•Advisors who invest in themselves, their business, and understand the importance of marketing themselves the right way

That’s Not All You Get…

How does being on benefit me?
For advisors wanting a competitive way to market themselves as a specialist in safe financial strategies, is the leading independent online source for guaranteed insurance solutions. We already attract Americans who are close to retirement or already retired. These investors tend to want financial safety in retirement and are lifestyle-minded.

For a low cost, your advisor referral listing can be used in many ways. Refer clients and prospects to the site and build credibility as a retirement educator and safe financial strategy expert. Integrate your personal listing into marketing campaigns. Use your personal page as a direct connection to consumers. Tie yourself to the national branding and credibility that has already built up. If you don’t have a brand, use our brand as your own.

The DOL rule is changing everything, including what’s compliant in marketing. You get unlimited access to the consumer guides and articles on for your clients, as long as your membership lasts. Share this information freely with clients and prospects. These resources are compliance-ready.


Frequently Asked Questions

Jim Chilton
Founder & CEO
SOFA - Society for Financial Awareness
"If you're considering Digital Marketing, in growing your business, you ABSOLUTELY need to use the great folks at Safe Money Broadcasting...they define EXCELLENCE!"
Kim O'Brien
Founder, CEO
AssessBest & Americans for Annuity Protection
"5 Stars for Safe Money Broadcasting!  The experts at SMB redesigned and redeployed our website at record speed.  The team at SMB is knowledgeable, affordable and thorough.  But, most importantly, they created a brand that we envisioned but couldn’t produce.  They listened and executed!  I will use them for all of my branding and marketing needs."

Customized branding on

Library of articles to use with clients

*Compliant content

Customized splash page – personal biography, link to your website, contact information, personal brand, direct line to retirement investors

Ability to request article topics to be published on 

Instant access to all independent consumer research guides






How’s This Different from Other Sites?
Unlike other sites, is completely independent of ANY insurance marketing company, insurance carrier, or other financial company. Our focus is on helping the public understand retirement planning, different planning options with guaranteed insurance strategies, and having financial professionals to refer them to for advice. 

Just like you, has no business constraints in our ability to serve you, other financial professionals, and the general public.
Who can be listed on is open to all independent financial professionals. Whether you’re an agent specializing in cash value life insurance; an advisor offering annuities, life, and securities products; a financial professional providing managed-money options along with annuity and life products; or an insurance-only professional – it doesn’t matter.
There’s a home for all independent financial professionals at, who are ready to enhance their credibility with unbiased information on safe financial strategies with guaranteed insurance solutions.
What industry experts are saying about 
Start your path towards growing your business for only $99.99

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Explosion of Online Interest in Safe Money in Great Recession
(2008) versus Other Search Interests

Introducing Advisor Referral Listing

Perhaps you have a limited marketing budget or limited manpower to manage it. Or you may not understand online marketing 
or even have a web presence you’re proud of.

No sweat. Tap into a powerful, instant marketing tool that’s already been created for you – a placement on the 

Advisor Referral Network! You’ll get your own personal page with your biography, business brand, contact information, and a 
direct connection to your clients and prospects.

Unlike other financial websites, is the only completely independent site to focus on retirement planning with 

guaranteed insurance strategies. Completely independent of any insurance marketing company, brokerage, or other financial 
company – a best-of-breed source to represent you well as an independent financial professional.  

Leverage an information resource that daily attracts an audience of investors in their 50-60s, wanting safety in their retirement 

strategy, and desiring contractual guarantees to maintain lifestyle spending with confidence. All of this content is for you, 
the independent professional, to bolster your credibility and reputation online.

Your personal referral page does it all for you:

      24/7 online business representation/calling card for retirement investors
      National branding and exposure brand to use on your materials
      *Use of compliant content on      
      Use of consumer guides
      Business and sales leads
      Serves as a promotional landing page to use in advertising 

      Ties you to a financial education resource featured on

      many credible, national brands: CNBC, PBS, Reuters, 
      MarketWatch, Fox Business and much more
      There are many safe money imitators out there. Distinguish 

      yourself as the real Safe Money Expert with a listing on

What membership options are available?
For your convenience, a business referral listing comes with a low-cost monthly subscription – you can also enjoy cost savings with an affordable annual subscription as well. A one-time setup fee is involved with both options – your advisor referral listing will be ready for use in one to two business days.



*Compliance requirements may vary for financial professionals affiliated with a registered investment advisory group, broker-dealer, or other financial company. and/or Safe Money Broadcasting are not responsible for compliance requirements relating to RIAs, BDs, and other such organizations. Be sure to check with your affiliated financial companies before engaging.

Subscription Discount Extended July 12th


Subscription Discount Extended July 12th


Subscription Discount Extended July 12th